How Much Is A Marble Chess Set Worth

Although they have traditionally been associated with luxury, marble chess set, and other natural stone-carved chess sets are among the most lavish ones available in 2023. It stands to reason that chess fans are interested in owning such elegant sets, yet there are a few things to consider before buying one.


Many natural stones, including as marble, granite, alabaster, onyx, jade, and soapstone, can be used to create a high-end chess set. Each of these materials has a unique feel and look; even within the same category, colors can vary greatly. So, the color becomes a crucial consideration when choosing the stone for the chess set.


Marble is normally white and grey or onyx is typically black, each type of stone is typically linked with a specific coloring. Yet, the hue of some stones, like granite, can differ dramatically between slabs, providing for a wide range of color combinations. With some marble chess boards, but not all types, it may also be possible to alter the stone's natural appearance. These aspects must be taken into account while choosing a stone chess set. Compromises can be required if you want both a blue marble chess board and an onyx set.


The cost must be taken into account when buying a stone chess set. When looking at sets, deciding your price range is advised to make an informed choice. This strategy can help you focus your search and have an impact on the content you pick. Resisting becoming attached to a chess set that is too expensive can help you avoid being unhappy with your choice. You can help ensure that you get a vintage marble chess set that suits your demands and budget by considering the pricing.

1- The Black & Brown Alabaster Chess Set

The Black & Brown Alabaster Chess Set is a small, striking set fashioned from genuine alabaster stone from Italy. The board has a distinctive wooden frame around the exterior, and the pieces have been polished to a brilliant, smooth finish. Because of the inherent variances in the stone and the dyeing process, the set is available in six different colors, each of which is distinct. The chess pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art with slick, precise lines and a stunning contrast between the deep, transparent black and the light, glossy brown. Even though it is made of high-end premium materials, this set is nonetheless reasonably priced and provides good value. It is made in Chiellini, Italy, and comes with the board and components. Its dimensions are 1.5 inches square, 15 inches by 15 inches for the board, and 3 inches for the king. This marble chess set is worth $415.

2- The Coral & Black Marble Chess Set

A stunning example of a chess set made of natural stone is the Coral & Black Marble Chess Set. A one-of-a-kind, breathtaking visual impression is produced by the set's usage of petrified stone due to its distinct hue that cannot be duplicated. The intricately designed chessboard, which is largely made of coral-colored marble with black marble inlaid in a checkered pattern, provides a stable playing surface. The chess pieces follow the traditional Staunton pattern and are produced from the same natural materials. The white pieces are made of coral-colored marble, while the black pieces are made of dark black marble with silvery grey veins. A specially built chess box is also included in this set for storing the pieces securely. You may appreciate both the classic beauty of a stone chess set and the one-of-a-kindness of a natural piece of art with the Coral & Black Marble Chess Set. This marble chess board along with its pieces is available for just $208.

3- Marble Green and White Chess

With a splash of unanticipated color, this Marble Green and White Chess Set combines a classic hue. Two distinct types of marble are used in its hand-carved structure, with the black stones showing a tinge of green. Everyone who approaches it is suddenly captured by its distinctive hue, which sticks out and stands out. The set's fine craftsmanship and visual appeal have won it a spot on our list, demonstrating that style need not be foregone in favor of superior craftsmanship. With this gorgeous and unique set, you may dazzle your guests and improve your chess skills.For just $187, you can add this vintage marble chess set to your collection.

4- 13" Pink and Swirled White Onyx Chess Set

The 13" Pink and Swirled White Onyx Chess Set can be exactly what you need if you're seeking an onyx chess set that's fashionable and portable. While smaller than some other sets, it nevertheless has a gorgeous hand-carved board and distinctive onyx chess pieces that are unmatched by anything else available. The 13 14-inch square chessboardsare made of pure Mexican onyx stone and have a polished yet natural feel. For those who value the beauty of natural stone, the huge 1 12-inch squares enable comfortable to play and allow for larger chess pieces. This vintage marble chess set can be purchased for just $159.


To sum up, marble chess sets are a classic and stylish complement to any living room or gaming area. The Black & Brown Alabaster Chess Set is a small yet stunning set that differs from other stone sets by having a wooden frame around the board's edge. A spectacular example of the natural beauty of petrified stone, the 16" Marble Chess Set American Design in Coral & Black features distinctive veining and coloring that uniquely distinguish each set. A hand-carved masterpiece, the Green & White Marble Chess Set combines conventional white and grey marble with surprising green and black accents. The Pink & Swirled White Onyx Chess Set is a fun and distinctive substitute for conventional black onyx sets.

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