Chess board,chess set,marble chess set
Chess board,chess set,marble chess set
Chess board,chess set,marble chess set
Chess board,chess set,marble chess set
Load image into Gallery viewer, Chess board,chess set,marble chess set
Load image into Gallery viewer, Chess board,chess set,marble chess set
Load image into Gallery viewer, Chess board,chess set,marble chess set
Load image into Gallery viewer, Chess board,chess set,marble chess set
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About This Item

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 Chess Board & 32 chess figures; 2 Kings, 2 Queens, 4 Knights, 4 Bishops, 4 Rooks, and 16 Pawns. Comes along with Secure & Fragile Packaging.

MATERIAL: This chess set is fully handmade from high-quality marble onyx. Chess Board & Chess Figures are fully hand polished.

SIZE: Board Size: 30cm. King Measures: 6.985 cm. Queen: 5.715 cm. Bishop: 5.08 cm. Knight: 5.08 cm. Rook: 5.08 cm. Pawns: 4.445 cm. The Chess Board comes along with an attached felt bottom to avoid scratches. Separate felt bottoms packet for all chess figures.

FOR EVERYONE: It is the best board game for people of any age group from Kids to Adults.

MULTI-PURPOSE: This chess set can be an exciting gift and also to be used as a home décor item.

Your happiness is our primary focus at Marbliss. It implies that we always stand by what we sell. Contact us at within 30 days of purchase if there is a problem with any item you purchased from us, and we will resolve it. Your order is fully protected by our "Happiness Guaranteed" policy because we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Preserve the Elegance of Your Onyx Chess Set

A stunning and sophisticated addition to any chess player's collection, we present the ultimate Onyx Chess Set. A sort of semi-precious stone recognized for its distinctive white and green striping that creates a fascinating appearance, onyx was used to construct this gorgeous set. Each piece of the Onyx Chess Set was expertly carved and polished by craftsmen, making it a genuine work of art.

Yet this set has more to offer than just beauty. In addition to being very strong and resilient, the Onyx Chess Set is ideal for both recreational and competitive chess players. For increased stability and easy movement on the board, the pieces are felted and weighted. To ensure that it will last for years of play without losing its brilliance, the board is likewise crafted of onyx.

We advise following these easy cleaning instructions to keep your Onyx chess set looking beautiful and intact. Use a soft brush or towel to lightly wipe down the pieces and board for light cleaning. Use a soft brush or towel and a mild detergent solution to gently scrape the pieces and board for a more thorough cleaning. Make careful to properly dry the board and pieces after giving them a good cleaning under clean water. Avoid using abrasive or strong chemicals since they can harm the onyx and alter the equilibrium of the chess pieces.

A statement piece that can improve any living area, an onyx chess set is a smart investment for chess lovers. This collection is likely to astonish and delight you for years to come, whether you're an experienced player or just getting started. Why then wait? To experience the beauty and elegance of this classic game, order your Onyx Chess Set right away. Also have a look on our delightful Chess Collection..

Please read the below facts about natural marble carefully so you an idea of what to expect.

Marble products may have visible not-so-deep cracks and pores on them. These cracks and pores are not to be considered as a damage because it is one of many characteristic of marble stone. We do check our products for any damages and these small not-so-deep cracks and pores don't affect the usage of the product in any way.

Marble products varies so much in color and veins on them. Having two identical pieces of same product is almost impossible and for that reason we cannot promise to deliver the exact look alike product shown in images. We have tried to showcase the variation by adding a batch image of each product in a product detailed page, wherever possible, so customers can build their expectations accordingly.

We recommend customers to read and follow the below guidelines to get the maximum benefit out of our products:

Marble products contain natural pores as part of its characteristics that may absorb liquids and confine them, if left on the surface for a too long. So it is always advisable to keep marble products clean and dry to avoid having stains.

Marble products can be cleaned using dish-washing liquid or detergent with warm water and pat dry immediately using a soft cloth.

Marble products must be carried with care. Due to its fragile nature, dropping or banging them on the surface could lead to deep cracks and could possibly end up broken.

Marble products are heat-resistant, still it is better to take extra care and avoid putting very hot items directly onto the product. Sudden heat may at times lead to cracks on the surface of the product.